Why an Oahu Vacation

The island of Oahu is an exciting island to visit, as it is the only island where you can experience the modern amenities of life or the simple, beautiful scenery of the blue ocean and green mountains. This island is the only place where there is a region offering activities for any age and for any taste.

Whether traveling on vacation alone, as a couple, or as a family, Oahu has it all and is never lacking in offering visitors a memorable experience. Oahu is a great place for families, taking outdoor adventures, playing golf, enjoying historical and modern arts and culture, experiencing a romantic getaway, relaxing, or participating in ecotourism to partake in the preservation of the Native Hawaiian land.

There are many different themes that the island of Oahu embraces, but it can be summarized into the experience of tranquility. No matter if you are in the heart of the city or in the rural areas, you will be able to take in the view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and majestic mountain ranges. With so much to offer visitors, Oahu is a place that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Oahu for Families

Oahu is a great place for families to enjoy precious time together exploring the beauty of the island and the warm tropical weather that is experienced year round. Whether spending time indoors at museums or at an oceanic aquarium, Oahu is always entertaining for children and adults. The most popular region for families to stay is Honolulu, in the area of Waikiki. This area allows access to historical sights to engage your mind, it’s close to white sand beaches and parks, has a variety of dining options, and provides easy traveling to experience theme parks and other outdoor activities. There are so many activities that families can enjoy together where everyone will have a smile on their face.


Oahu’s diverse regions allow for a variety of outdoor adventures to explore the island from the shorelines to the mountains. Oahu’s beautiful beaches are great for not only swimming, but taking surfing lessons in the calm waters of Waikiki, or if you are an experienced surfer, catching large waves on the North Shore region. There are also adventures in snorkeling, boat fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and boat tours. The landscape of Oahu also seems to call to you to explore hiking trails at state parks, horseback riding, cultural tours, and if you’re really fearless, skydiving.


With the natural beauty that Hawaii brings, Oahu is home to uniquely designed golf courses surrounded by the greenery of tropical trees, plants, flowers, the ocean, and even the view of the Koolau mountains. You will find golf courses in all regions of Oahu, which has the most golf courses than any other Hawaiian island. Depending on your taste and whether you are traveling with children who golf, there are both casual and sophisticated courses. Oahu is also home to the PGA Tour Sony Open that takes place every year in early January at the famous Waialae Country Club golf course in Honolulu. Imagine playing golf where the pros play!

Arts and Culture

The Native Hawaiian people on the island hold true to their culture through language and the practice of moral values, preparations of foods, and in the arts crafted from natural materials. Oahu is home to many cultural historical sites representing the artistic ways of Native Hawaiians, past and present. For example, the Iolani Palace that is now open to tours, still holds the artifacts of old Hawaii. This is where the last reigning queen, Queen Liliuokalani, lived and was later kept captive and removed from her throne. Bishop Museum is also home to many ancient Native Hawaiian artifacts and interesting facts on the culture of the Native Hawaiian people to give visitors a better understanding of the land and its history. The culture can also be experienced by trying Hawaiian food available at many dining establishments throughout the island. You will also see many local vendors selling artfully crafted items made to resemble items of the past. You may also come across places that have locals performing the hula (Hawaiian dance) and singing Hawaiian music giving you an ever deeper feel for the culture that is so alive on the island.

Romantic Oahu

Oahu is a great place for couples to get married or to honeymoon. The warm weather, sunny and blue skies, and the beautiful white sand beaches offer a great romantic getaway from your life for a while and truly experience paradise. Waikiki has many hotels and resorts that sit along the seashore to give you a fabulous ocean view where you can pamper yourself with room service and enjoy a sunset, stroll in the moonlight along the white sandy beaches, or even enjoy a romantic dinner for two at one of the many dining establishments that sit oceanside. There are also many great escapes in the Leeward and Windward coasts that offer more private and less crowded beaches to enjoy quiet time together where you can stay from sunrise to sunset.


As soon as you arrive on Oahu and smell the clean ocean breeze, it is like magic – bringing you instantaneous relaxation. Whether it’s enjoying sunbathing on a quiet beach, swimming in the clean blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, or enjoying your day at a resort spa, relaxation is almost effortless on Oahu. Just being on the island is relaxing no matter where you are or what you choose to do. Even strolling through Waikiki and browsing through the many high end and local shops or listening to live Hawaiian music at a restaurant, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing moment taking in everything that Oahu has to offer. If you enjoy more solitude, you can escape Waikiki and visit other regions where traffic is less and the population is smaller, offering you peacefulness and tranquility to truly relax and unwind.


The Native Hawaiians and those local to the island hold strong to the ancient Hawaiian value of caring for the land (malama aina). As being the most popular island for visitors, the locals of the island of Oahu realize the great importance in teaching visitors how to continue this value while still enjoying the natural beauty that the island offers. Some of the ecotourism opportunities include local farm tours of foods commonly used to prepare local cuisine, visiting the Honolulu Botanical Gardens where you are introduced to some of the native and endangered plants of the island. There is also whale watching tours to teach visitors to respect the ocean and the humpback whales as they make their journey to Hawaii each year from December through May.