Why a Molokai Vacation


The island of Molokai is a wonderful place to experience what Hawaii was like in ancient times before the influences of the Western civilization. Although there are still signs of the first visitors to the island with the historical churches that are still standing today, the Native Hawaiians of the island have kept further development away from the island.

Molokai stands beautiful on its own natural scenery. You will not see large buildings or heavy traffic, but you will see the natural beauty representative of “old” Hawaii. It can be said that the island may have never changed, but has improved due to the commitment of the local people to preserve the land and ocean.

In a land that has basically stood still in time, it does welcome visitors to the island to share in the glory of the true practice of caring for the land. This is a great island to visit as a family or as a couple to experience adventures that can only be enjoyed on Molokai. Its untouched lands and secluded areas are great for reconnecting to the romance with your partner or even to celebrate your marriage with a beautiful honeymoon. This is an island of pure relaxation, free from the outside world. Most importantly, the local people of Molokai embrace ecotourism to assist themselves in preserving the natural wonders of the island. There is also great pride in teaching visitors to the island how to have respect for the land and the ocean and in what that respect stands for.

Molokai for Families

Molokai is home to many natural land and ocean adventures to allow you to connect to the true essence of nature. You can hear the musical trade winds blowing through the Native Hawaiian trees as you set out on your island adventure. One of the most popular adventures on Molokai is the mule ride down steep cliffs to visit the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The view of the Pacific Ocean and the peninsula of Kalaupapa is breathtaking, but not as much as the view from the side of the cliff as the mule takes you down a narrow trail. It can be a little unnerving if you look down, so it is best to keep your eyes focused in front of you enjoying the beautiful plants on the cliff sides or the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. You can also take an adventure to the astonishing Mooula Waterfall that has a 250 foot drop. The island’s locals also have ocean adventures where you can spend the day fishing or viewing humpback whales during the time of December through May. Molokai is full of natural adventures to entice your senses and awaken yourself to the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Romantic Molokai/Honeymoons

The beauty of Molokai and the serenity it naturally delivers is enough to entice the romance between you and your partner without the large cities, large crowds, and large business establishments. The island has its own magical power to take away the stresses of the world that you may have had before arriving on the island and replaces it with a rekindled love for your partner. Molokai is also a great place to have a honeymoon, as you can be sure to find solitude at its beaches or scenic parks. To view the island from the ocean, you can also charter your very own private boat from the Kaunakakai Harbor. Molokai is a quiet place to make wonderful memories to begin your life together as a married couple.


Molokai is relaxing as soon as you arrive on the island. You will immediately notice the stillness as you breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. As you gather your belongings and get your rental car, you will drive through quiet roads with spectacular views of the hillsides and the Pacific Ocean to bring you to instant relaxation. The untouched beaches with no crowds are also great for just sitting and watching and listening to each wave that breaks onto the shore. You can actually let your mind be free and soak in total peace and happiness of being present in the moment without any worries. If you want a deeper relaxing experience with some pampering, you can make an appointment at the only day spa on Molokai at the Aqua Hotel Molokai. This hotel is nestled on the serene Kamiloloa Beach. This combination of natural relaxation and a little pampering is more than enough to completely calm your entire body and mind.


Caring for the land is on the top of the list for the local people of Molokai, They accept nothing less and take pride in teaching visitors, as well as locals, how to preserve the island from man-made destruction and how to keep it in its most natural state. Not only the land is protected, but the ocean as well, as it is designed to maintain fisheries and supply food for the islanders. There are also farm tours to show visitors the importance of the island’s self-sustainability. There are also two Nature Conservancy sites on Molokai to preserve the natural environment that can be enjoyed by future generations in the same natural state.