Why a Maui Vacation


Maui is an absolutely beautiful island that brings an instant smile to your face from the moment you land in Kahului Airport. You can smell the fresh, clean air of the ocean as the sea breeze blows through your hair. No matter if you arrived during the day or evening, the sea breeze is a nice, soothing addition to the warm tropical weather.

As a diverse island of luxurious resorts to old traditional Native Hawaiian values and practices, Maui has something to offer everyone, making it the most visited island in the Hawaii Island Chain. The beauty that the island has to offer makes it easy to plan endless outings that are perfect for any personality and idea of fun and relaxation.

Maui is a great place for families to vacation, as there is so much to do and see. It is guaranteed that the entire family, regardless of ages, will have the best of times on Maui. There are also sea and land adventures to give you a variety of different ways to experience Maui. The natural wonders and beauty of what the island has to offer is mesmerizing. There are 14 golf courses on Maui that you can choose from, whether playing a round of golf alone, with your partner, or with your children. The beautiful surroundings of the courses may even become distracting to your game.

Maui also holds strong to its arts and culture. It has museums dedicated to experiencing the history of the island and ancient Native Hawaiian practices. In addition to sticking to what it represents, the beauty of staying near the coast of Maui is very romantic and even great for having a honeymoon. The white sand beaches and the spectacular sunsets are great for romantic strolls in the early evening and under the stars at night. The beaches are so beautiful on Maui that it is an immediate feeling of relaxation as you lie by the pool of your hotel or sunbathe on the beach. As Maui practices sustainability, it also practices, believes in, and shares views of caring for the land through ecotourism so future generations have the same enjoyment of the land.

Maui for Families

The large white sand beaches can bring hours of entertainment for the family. Purchase some water and sand toys and a floating tube and have fun building sand castles or floating in a tube in the clear, blue Pacific Ocean. Maui also has the family in mind when it developed a 750,000-gallon tank of water to house much local marine life for an up-close and educational experience. There is a children-petting pond with local reef and shallow water sea animals that can be touched and carefully put back in the water where it was found. There is a variety of eating establishments here, as well as a gift store to remember your special family outing. If you decide to stay at the hotel, they have special activities for the children, including lei making, learning the hula (Hawaiian dance), or receiving local hair braids.


Adventures are endless on Maui with a variety of outdoor activities on land and sea. You can experience paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling with equipment that you can rent from the hotel you are staying at or from beach vendors. There are sunset cruises, parasailing, and even surf lessons that you can partake in. Horseback riding in Haleakala, which gives a great view of the island, is a perfect adventure to see more of nature. As Haleakala is the highest point on Maui, you will be sure to not miss any of its natural beauty of forests and waterfalls. For a view of the entire island of Maui in a fraction of the time, you can also take a helicopter adventure, giving you a different perspective of the island’s regions and beauty. Paragliding can also give you this same type of panoramic view if you are up to the challenge of this adventure.


Maui has 14 golf courses for you and even your family to enjoy, which is surrounded by Native Hawaiian trees, plants, and tropical flowers. Some of these golf courses are not only amazing with its one-of-a-kind beauty and design, but are listed as one of the world’s best places to golf in the United States. In fact, each year the PGA Tour’s Hyundai Tournament is held in Maui. Surrounded by old lava flows, palm trees, and at some courses, even the ocean, there are courses in all regions of Maui, except for East Hawaii as it is preserved in the natural state of the ancient Hawaiian culture and land practices that could not be done if a golf course were present.

Arts and Culture

Maui takes its ancient heritage seriously, more in some regions than others. Maui embraces its history through museums to teach visitors and island locals of the past, how it relates to the present, and how we need to take that information into the future by preserving the Native Hawaiian race and deep-rooted culture. In a world with much western influence, especially on Maui where many are attracted to its beaches and resorts, it becomes important to hold strong to the history of Native Hawaii. Local art is proudly displayed in local art shops that can be shipped directly to your home. Each Friday in Lahaina town, Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center, as well as the Hui Noeau Visual Art Center come together to share knowledge of Maui’s history to educate not only visitors, but the local people as well so they can learn about and be proud of their heritage.

Romantic Maui and Honeymoons

The beauty of Maui could be just enough to transport you to a state of bliss. The beaches are not crowded and there are many opportunities to find the perfect romantic place to relax and reconnect your love for one another. Depending on where you are on the island, you can experience a beautiful sunrise or sunset, together, hand-in-hand, either from your balcony or lanai, or sitting on the beach. The beauty is spectacular, allowing you to connect once again to your love without the worries of your “real world”. Maui is also known for its beautiful natural waterfalls that you can visit for a romantic getaway and enjoy the quietness of nature in solitude with the one you love.


The best thing you can do when you arrive on Maui is to put away your electronic devices. The land is so beautiful and peaceful that immediate relaxation is felt, so there is no need to ruin this tranquility with unnecessary distractions. Always give your loved ones back home the name of the hotel you are staying at, the phone number, and your room number in the event of an emergency, but other than that your time should be focused on relaxing and not phone calls and/or emails. The island is so “laid back” that even strolling through the oceanfront shops in Lahaina can be relaxing, especially when you complete the day with appetizers and a tropical drink at a restaurant near the ocean. If you want a deeper start to your relaxation, there are many day spas to pick from at your hotel or other nearby hotels. Remember, vacation is for relaxing, and that is just what you should be doing.


Ecotourism is about exploring the land without causing harm to its natural beauty. Without ecotourism, resources would soon be destroyed and there would be nothing left for others to enjoy in future years. This is truly a belief of the Native Hawaiian people, as their value of taking care of the land has lasted for centuries, and is still very vivid today. Ecotourism teaches visitors how the Native Hawaiians take pride in their land as part of their culture. They understand that many plants and animals are on the endangered species list, such as the Nene goose of Hawaii, and must be protected otherwise it will no longer exist. Visitors learn of the importance of sustainability of the Native Hawaiians and how to care for the natural environment when observing the beauty of the island.