Why a Kauai Vacation

As soon as you arrive on Kauai, you will be welcomed with the smell of the Pacific Ocean, the cool tropical breeze, warm weather, and natural beauty. The island has many native flowers and plants that can be seen everywhere you look adding to the already breathtaking views of the island. The island has no large buildings to take away from its majestic views.

Kauai has remained an island of stillness and tranquility. There is no heavy car traffic, no freeways, and no large highways with people rushing about. The local people of the island were raised to enjoy the beauty of the island in the moment and take things slow; therefore, having a “laid back” lifestyle that is practiced and carried on for future generations.

The island is great for family or couple vacations with its many adventures, golf courses nestled in the lush greenery of the island, art stores and museums representing Kauai, quiet towns for romantic strolling or taking a honeymoon, and places to bring instant relaxation. There is also an essence of sharing the natural beauty of the island and caring for the land through ecotourism opportunities and land and animal conservation.

Kauai for Families

As it is so easy to get caught up in the everyday “busy-ness” of life with working, taking care of a household, and taking the children to sporting practices or other activities, you may miss out on the special moments of life. Evening having conversations with each other may be diminishing due to this busy lifestyle of the entire family. Kauai is the island that you need to escape to in order to reconnect with your family. The small towns, slow-paced environment, and secluded areas of natural beauty will bring the family together. You will enjoy exploring the island together and dine together creating many opportunities for reconnecting. Just because the island has a small population and is “laid back”, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do, as there are adventures and fun activities for all ages. There is an enticing scenery of beaches and lush sea cliffs for families to enjoy together. There is also cultural events, live Hawaiian music, surfing, snorkeling, and even whale watching for families to do together. There are so many ways to enjoy Kauai and bring a smile to you and your children’s faces, as well as warm your hearts.


When you arrive on the island be prepared, as your adventure is just beginning. The beautiful sea cliffs that grace the shorelines and the clean white sand beaches are waiting for you. Ocean adventures are numerous, depending on how you want to experience the island. Whether its on a boat, kayak, or surfboard, the blue waters will show you endless opportunities to enjoy the natural wonders of Kauai. There are also many land adventures to view the island from different locations giving you a different perspective. Surrounded by Native Hawaiian trees, plants, and flowers, these adventures can be taken by horseback, a 4-wheel drive vehicle, all terrain vehicle, or by foot on marked hiking trails. You will travel through Hawaiian rainforests and pastures. Whatever adventure you choose, beach, land, small towns, or resorts, you will find endless beauty and fun. Your day will be so full of enjoyment by the beauty of the island and the simple things that it has to offer.


Ten golf courses stretch across the island, making Kauai known for having some of the best golf courses in the United States. You have the choice of playing golf at one of the resort courses in the North Shore region in Princeville, to casual courses on other parts of the island that are affordable and great if you have young children who also want to play a round of golf with you. The casual golf courses have desired rates for families making this activity enjoyable for all. No matter what region you are in, there is a golf course that you can enjoy and relax at. There is one golf course in the East Side region, two in the Lihue region, and three each in both the South and North Shore regions. You don’t need to pack your golf clubs when traveling to Kauai, as there are many places where you can rent a set of golf clubs for the day on the course. The courses are surrounded by old lava flows, the blue Pacific Ocean, near streams, and Native Hawaiian forests. You can enjoy a great day of golf while still taking in the beauty of the island and the smell of the ocean breeze.

Arts and Culture

The Native Hawaiian value of aloha (love) for the land and what it represents, as well as the practices of past Hawaiian ancestors, is alive on the island of Kauai. No matter what town you travel to, you will feel and see traditional Hawaiian practices and values still being honored. The history of the island is remembered through the historical sights displayed on the island as a remembrance of the past, present, and future Hawaii. This is portrayed as the local people holding on to the ways of the Native Hawaiian people. Much of the history of this island and its culture are remembered through several museums and art galleries in Lihue and Hanalei. To experience the full culture of Native Hawaiians is to make a visit to the small towns of Hanapepe, Waimea, and Koloa, which are out of the modern resort areas.


The slow pace and serenity of Kauai makes it a perfect place for couples to experience a romantic getaway, or for newlyweds to take their honeymoon. The low population of the island means less crowds and more isolated areas to explore, relax, or take a stroll on the beach at any time of day or early evening. The beauty and peace of the island is a perfect place for couples to even reconnect and fall in love all over again. The miles of white sand beaches are not the only place to experience romance, but state parks with designated hiking trails can offer you a chance to experience the natural wonders of the island, hand-in-hand, through areas that have been untouched by development. If you are staying in the resort areas, you can also enjoy romantic dining with live music, oceanfront seating, and the light ocean breeze. Spending your honeymoon on Kauai is also great for beginning your lives together with a smooth, relaxing transition from dating to marriage. Kauai offers a coastline with spectacular views and natural sights, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the island together.


Just being on Kauai and taking in the amazing sunrises and sunsets from any area of the island is enough to bring you into full relaxation. In between the sun rising and setting beyond the horizon, the beaches surrounded by the island’s beauty of coconut trees, lava rocks from year’s old lava flows, and wide, white sand beaches in a quiet haven is the perfect escape to tranquility. The air is fresh and clean with the unforgettable smell of the sea breeze in the air. Just sitting in stillness near the ocean or higher inland, you will always be surrounded with the relaxation that is intoxicating. If you desire a little more pampering, the resorts on Kauai offer day spas for a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial with Native Hawaiian products. This may be a nice treat for yourself to begin your day’s adventures or in the afternoon after a full day’s outings. Any way that you choose to pamper yourself and relax, Kauai has the peacefulness and resources to keep you relaxed for your entire stay on the island.


It is very important to the Native Hawaiian people of Kauai to preserve the land that they live on and preserve the natural resources for future generations and their own sustainability. Native Hawaiians lived off the land and ocean before influence from the outside world. This practice has been passed down from one generation to the next so the ancient traditions continue. This lifestyle and respect for the land is shared with visitors so they will understand the importance of respecting the land and sea during their stay on the island, hoping they may keep some of this knowledge with them. The local people of the island offer visitors an opportunity to view the acres of lush green taro plants that is a staple of the Native Hawaiian diet from past to present. This is vibrant in the town of Hanalei where they do offer land tours. Coffee farms are also a vital part of income for Kauai, which is located in the South Shore region of Kauai offering tours and sampling. To view some of the most beautiful native plants and flowers, Kauai’s botanical gardens have been created to preserve Native plants and share their beauty with others. When visiting Kauai, it is important to know that animal conservation is taken seriously. The Hawaiian monk seal, for example, is an endangered species in Hawaii. You may come across one or more at a beach. They are to be left alone to enjoy the environment and feel safe on their natural land. There are also humpback whale watching tours where you can learn about their lifecycle and trips they take to Hawaii from December through May.