Why a Big Island Vacation

The Big Island’s diverse regions allow for different experiences to be embraced by visitors to the island, encouraging the uncovering of many of Hawaii’s secrets. The Big Island is the only island where you can travel to the top of a mountain and play in the snow, travel to the beach and swim and sunbathe in the hot sun, and travel to the coolest temperatures that require winter wear all in one day. This makes this island the most interesting.

Discovering hidden treasures is what the Big Island is all about. There is not one area that does not have something special to offer its visitors. There is so much to discover on the Big Island that you may have to return for another trip to do more exploring and discovering.

The people on the Big Island are very true to practicing their Native Hawaiian culture and have kept this alive from generation to generation. This can clearly be seen through the many ecotourism places on the island. This is great for keeping the Big Island tranquil and not subjecting it to large development. This island has something for individual travelers, couples, and even families. There are many adventures to entice any personality through the sharing of the Native Hawaiian culture with visitors through its historical museums and ancient and modern art displays. The Big Island is a romantic getaway and operated in a slower pace to facilitate the romance and relaxation of its visitors.

The Big Island for Families

The slow-paced lifestyle of the Big Island has many opportunities to entertain children and adults to keep families happy during their time spent on the island. The beauty of the Big Island is that it is full of mystery and places to explore. In Hilo, families can visit the newly designed Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii near the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus. Children and adults can learn about the observatories on Mauna Kea Mountain and see real life images of the stars that surround the earth. There is a planetarium that shows educational movies that circle above you, as well as many interactive exhibits for children and adults to understand the importance of astronomy, as well as learn Hawaiian history and customs. Mauna Kea Mountain can be visited up to the 9,300 elevation level, but to go any further to the summit you must be older than 16 years of age. Hilo has a few beaches and parks to explore. There is a beautiful park in the town of Hilo, Liliuokalani Park, where children can run free and discover a variety of fish in the park’s ponds. Another great place for families to visit is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where cultural and historical artifacts and truths of the Big Island can be explored.


One of the most popular adventures on the Big Island is the viewing of the Kilauea Volcano’s eruption. There are newly formed black sand beaches in the area that are great for sunbathing, but not for swimming as the waves are usually large and the currents are strong. There are hiking trails that can lead up to the lava flows, or you can take a helicopter aerial tour of the Kilauea crater and get up close to the lava flows. There are popular waterfalls, such as Rainbow Falls in Hilo and Akaka Falls in Honomu that are great for reconnecting to the natural wonders and beauty of the island. You can also explore the beautiful forests and waterfalls through a Zipline adventure. There are snorkeling and beach adventures on the West side of the island, as well as deep sea fishing opportunities. The Big Island is definitely an island of endless adventure.


Many people enjoy playing golf for the challenge of the game, as well as for relaxation. There are casual golf courses in the Hilo region that are worth the time to explore the relaxing environment of the Big Island. With its casual atmosphere and tough courses, surrounded by Native Hawaiian trees and brush, it makes for a fun round of golf alone or with your family. The resorts in the Kohala Coast region are where you will find some of the best designed courses with great views of the Pacific Ocean and Native Hawaiian plants and flowers surrounding the courses. Some popular golf courses are at the Hapuna Prince Resort, Mauna Kea Resort, and Waikoloa Beach Resort. Traveling more towards the West side of the island, you can also play a round of golf in the sunshine at the Kona Country Club.

Arts and Culture

The most important art to the Big Island is that of the hula (Hawaiian dance). This is represented each year at the Merrie Monarch Festival that brings in dancers from all around the world to compete in the hula. During this time, which begins on the Sunday after Easter and lasts for one week, local vendors sell crafts and foods, as well as Native Hawaiian art pieces. Galleries and museums are in most regions where you can learn more about Hawaii’s past and present, with the most art and historical museums and galleries being in the town of Hilo. The Native Hawaiian culture is very much alive on the Big Island, including the language, values, and daily living practices and customs. These are taught to the children both at home and as part of the school system’s curriculum.

Romantic Big Island/Honeymoons

Romance is in the air on the Big Island as you travel the island together as  a couple discovering areas of natural beauty by scenic waterfalls and scenic lookouts to view the majestic valleys, hillsides, and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. In Kailua-Kona, in the Kona region, you can take an evening boat cruise with dinner, cocktails, and entertainment as the boat anchors off the coast. You can choose to stay at one of the island’s resorts on the beach and be pampered with room service and fine dining to romantic strolls on the beach. Viewing the Big Island together and all its natural beauty brings romance into the air as you enjoy the relaxing environment to begin your life together as a couple.


One thing the Big Island can definitely be is relaxing. The slow-paced lifestyle, with spending the days at a beach of your choice, or walking through beautiful parks like Liliuokalani Park or Wailoa State Park in the Hilo town can also be relaxing in itself. There are a few day spas in Hilo where you can be pampered, or you can choose a day spa at one of the fine resorts in the Kohala Coast region. The sunsets on the West side of the Big Island in Kailua-Kona is a beautiful way to relax as you have dinner by the ocean, breathing in the clean ocean breeze mixed with the warm, tropical weather.


As a culture, it is very important to the locals of the Big Island to preserve the land for future generations. Due to the many visitors that come to the Big Island, there has been a large movement to practice ecotourism. To preserve the fragile Native Hawaiian forests, as well as its endangered species of plants and animals. In order to keep these species protected and able to multiply and survive, ecotourism needs to be developed to teach visitors, as well as islanders, of the importance of caring for the land. This was something that was practiced by Native Hawaiians, but was lost over the years. Islanders are now moving more to promoting the ways of their ancestors with visitors to the island by replanting trees, using the land for farming, fishing for food, and the implementation of aquaculture.