Places to Stay – Molokai

As the island is simple, so are its accommodations. There are no large hotels or resorts that would obstruct the natural beauty of the island. All accommodations fit perfectly into the scenery of this beautiful island that has stood strong in its Native Hawaiian lifestyle. The hotels are designed to provide you with a comfortable stay and relaxing atmosphere to compliment the same “slow-paced” style of the island.

If you are looking for a little bit more privacy, solitude, or more space, there is the option to rent condos at the resorts, rent vacation homes, or stay at a bed and breakfast. These options will provide you with additional ways of enjoying the beauty of the island as these options closely resemble how the locals live on Molokai.

The community of Molokai has ensured that visitors do have accommodations on the island, but those accommodations do not include luxury resorts that would expand across large acres of land. The caring of the land is taken seriously on Molokai, as the most important thing for Native Hawaiians is to keep Molokai “Hawaiian”. You will be impressed with the simple things that bring so much happiness. The beauty of the island and its calm, quiet environment is a perfect remedy for a hectic and busy life. All accommodations are designed for any budget, so there is always a place for you to stay.


The two hotels on the island are oceanfront, giving you a spectacular view of the clear, blue Pacific Ocean. Each hotel is only a few footsteps away from the white sand beaches where you can sit and watch the waves, sunbathe, or go for a nice swim. The Aqua Hotel Molokai located in Kaunakakai is the sheer expression of Native Hawaii. It sits on the Kamiloloa Beach. There are modern amenities for your convenience, but the style and dining at the hotel is casual. Entertainment is offered at the hotel during the dinner hours where you can try many different local food favorites. Another hotel option is the Hotel Molokai that also sits on the Kaunakakai Beach where you are steps away from the white sand beach and Pacific Ocean. There is a heated pool if the weather is cold. This hotel also has an ancient Hawaiian styling and casual atmosphere.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfast establishments are great for experiencing Molokai in its natural environment. There is one bed and breakfast on Molokai that offers this intimate living style and peaceful environment. The Dunbar Breakfast Cottages are located in the East End region of Molokai. The cottages are two bedrooms and are great for couples or families. These cottages are just off the shore of a private white sand beach that is great for swimming or sunbathing. The breathtaking views of the high cliffs and valleys, as well as the Pacific Ocean will have you mesmerized. From this area you will also have a clear view of the other Hawaiian islands of Maui, Lanai, and Kahoolawe.

Condos/Vacation Rentals

Renting a condo at a resort or a vacation home is very popular among visitors to Molokai. These options give you the true experience of what it is like to live on Molokai. Whether you are traveling with a large group or your family, you will enjoy these larger accommodations that also provide you with privacy. All rentals are fully furnished and come in one to two bedroom units, a kitchen, and living room area. The Kaluakoi Resort/West Molokai Resort offers one bedroom condo rentals in Maunaloa. These condos have a beautiful ocean view, a golf course, and access to the white sand beach. Also in Maunaloa, the Hale Papapa Molokai is a home rental that sits on five acres of land giving you views of the mountains, valleys, and Papohahu Beach.