Visiting Lanai is like visiting your own private island; thus, its nickname is “The Private Isle”. Its rugged terrain is decorated with red dirt, rocks, and lush, green tropical Hawaiian plants. Lanai is an island of pure tranquility and a place that makes for a true retreat to reconnect with yourself, your partner, or your family. It’s a great place to truly escape the large cities and large crowds and find wide-open space to be almost alone anywhere enjoying the beautiful scenery.

As the last island to be inhabited, Lanai graces itself with a small community mixed with hints luxury by its resorts. It has the lowest population, and just like Molokai, Lanai has few paved roads and not a single traffic light. With no traffic and a small population, there is just no need for one. Lanai is a “laid back” community that mostly knows one another and is very welcoming to visitors to their tropical island.

Lanai’s weather is drier in comparison to the other islands in The Hawaiian Island Chain. It’s seashore has some high sea cliffs, and glorious white sand beaches perfect for escaping reality, even if just for a moment. Its beauty is overwhelming and you can’t help but smile and let go of everything, while focusing only on the present beauty of Lanai.


There are three main regions on Lanai – South Lanai, Central Lanai, and North Lanai. South Lanai is a very peaceful area with one white sand beach. It is home to Manele Bay, which is a conservation area that has been setup for the care of dipper dolphins that frequent the area often. Central Lanai is home to Lanai City, which is the main hub of Lanai. It has an area of pine trees planted in the past that give the island an almost rustic look. This area is at the highest elevation of the island, and can be a little cooler, especially at night.

North Lanai has more dirt roads than paved roads, which should be accessed only by a 4-wheel drive vehicle. There are two white sand beaches in this area, and much of Hawaii’s native plants can only be found in this area. This is strictly an area for outdoor adventure, as it has no other accommodations.


This island can offer both families and couples an escape from a busy, stressful life. It can also be a romantic place with its seclusion and low population. It is a fabulous place to honeymoon, as you may sometimes have an entire beach to yourself, and it’s great for children to experience the relaxation and peace of Hawaii. The adventures on land mostly include the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle to drive over rugged terrain of dirt and rocky roads to historical landmarks, scenic points, and beaches. There are also water and air adventures to experience and see more of the island.

In addition to the relaxation given by the crowd-free beaches, relaxation on the golf course can be found at the luxury resorts for both locals and visitors. These golf courses provide a beautiful view of the island and the Pacific Ocean. Relaxation can also be found at day spas at the luxury resorts. The culture of the community is very close knit. Most of the non-Hawaiian people were brought here during the pineapple plantation era. They have a great dedication to the land, and the people of Lanai have a strong interest in preserving their beautiful island by practicing ecotourism and sharing the knowledge of the island’s environment with its visitors.

Things to Do

As this is one of the sunniest islands, visitors can mainly expect clear blue skies and sunshine most of the time, making it great for spending a day at one of Lanai’s beautiful white sand beaches. You can choose to go for a cool swim, snorkel, or just sunbathe. There are many historical areas to explore on the island with a 4-wheel drive vehicle, hiking, or horseback riding. When exploring these areas, you can always have a view of the Pacific Ocean. Tours are also offered for fishing or sunset cruises right outside the island of Lanai.

Shopping can mainly be done in Lanai City or at the luxury resorts in Lanai City region or the South Lanai region. At these places you can find items made locally as well as your basic necessities. The nightlife is secluded to the resorts, as well as fine dining. If you want to experience the local meals and the culture of Lanai, you can spend an afternoon in Lanai City.

Places to Stay

There are not many choices of places to stay on Lanai. In South Lanai there is one luxury resort, and Lanai City has a historical, older hotel with lots of personality, as well as one luxury hotel. There are no accommodations in North Lanai.