Big Island Tours

There are numerous tours on The Big Island that provide you with the opportunity to view almost every area of the island from its highest elevations to its varied coastlines. There is so much adventure to be sought on the island that it is recommended that you schedule a little longer stay, if possible, so you can experience all the natural beauty that The Big Island has to offer. The Big Island is sure to have an adventure designed especially for you according to what you would like to receive out of your stay on the youngest of the Hawaiian islands.

As The Big Island is still growing from the majestic Kilauea Volcano that has been active since 1983, the geographical form of the island is ever changing. At no time will it look the same with the continual growth of new lava and creation of new black sand beaches. This is truly an island of physical growth, that can’t be seen on any other Hawaiian island that is home to the world’s most active volcano.

Many of the islanders have developed exquisite tours for visitors, as well as residents who want to learn more about the island they live on, to educate as much people as possible about the importance of knowing your history, but also in preserving what the ancestors of the island worked hard to create and preserve. In essence, The Big Island has been created by nature with its original beauty, as you will not see many buildings and no skyscrapers, just lots of open land. The skies are clear for you to enjoy either the blue skies on the West side of the island, or the overcast skies on the East side of the island.

The Big Island is the only place in Hawaii, and in the world, where you can experience 11 different climates in one day. It’s amazing, but it’s true. The Big Island’s high elevations that bring you the cold chill, the snow that falls during the winter months on the peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, to its dessert areas and sunny coastlines along the West side of the island, diversity in terrain and climates are amazing in its own uniqueness. There is so much beauty to see, that you will soon forget about your hectic life that you left back home and be mesmerized by the pure beauty of the island. It will almost be instantly that you are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of your visit on The Big Island.

You will also notice that the overall feel of the island is a “laid back” style. Once you adventure on the natural tours available on The Big Island you will more truly understand why the people are relaxed. There are no freeways and no hours spent in traffic. Life is taken a day at a time and enjoyed. How can you not be relaxed as you enjoy the beauty of the island the moment you open a door? It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s mysterious. It’s what makes The Big Island one of the greatest adventures throughout the Hawaiian islands.


Air Tours

If you want to see more of the island that can’t be seen by car or by foot, taking an air tour will give you this opportunity. You will be able to view the entire island in a few hours in comparison to making the drive around the entire island that would take all day, which doesn’t include stopping and seeing anything; that’s just driving. Air tours allow its passengers to have front row seats to some of the most beautiful and isolated spots on The Big Island. Everyone sits in complete comfort and is able to see out of the windows at all times. There is no age limit, so the entire family can enjoy a ride in style and view the island in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by land. Air tours are a great way to get acquainted with the island before you head out on your planned adventures.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours allow you to get closer to the natural beauty of The Big Island as they are able to descend into valleys and hover near cascading waterfalls. Helicopters can give you longer views from the air of some of the most unique attractions on The Big Island. Helicopters do not have as much room as an airplane, but it does offer everyone a window seat and the opportunity to take clear pictures without any window glare. Some helicopter companies even allow you to fly without the doors so you can have the clearest views of valleys, forests, and waterfalls and take pictures that will be the envy of all your friends. A helicopter tour is perfect for that intimate adventure to the secrets that The Big Island holds close to its origin. These tours run mainly out of the two main cities on The Big Island – Hilo and Kona. The tours run daily and there is no age limit, making it a perfect family tour.

Bike Tours

For those that love adventure and are physically fit, The Big Island’s bike tours offer you an original way of seeing the island. The tour companies provide you with a bike and all the gear that you will need for a comfortable ride. All that you are responsible for bringing is comfortable clothing for biking, shoes, and a water bottle. There is a guide provided on the bike tour, and another guide that travels behind the bike tour in a van for support in the event of an emergency. The bike tours are not races, but meant to be slow rides allowing you to take in the beauty of the island from the mountain tops to the sea as the warm breeze flows across your face. Not to mention it’s also a great way to fit in some exercise on your vacation, which is always a good thing if you are used to being physically active.

Exploring Caves

As the Hawaiian islands were all created by volcanic eruptions, it is expected that old lava tubes would turn into some of the most fascinating caves to explore on foot. If you have a fear of being in an enclosed place for any period of time, then this tour is not for you as some areas of the caves are so small that you have to crawl for several feet. The caves on The Big Island were created by old lava flows where the lava formed a crust to allow the lava below to flow quickly to the Pacific Ocean. As the lava activity ceased, the lava tubes were kept in place, many of which became caves for ancient Native Hawaiians to seek shelter or to use to travel quickly to different areas of the island for food and water. The caves are magnificent and have not changed much in its formation, as great care is taken in educating visitors about not removing anything from the caves and to respect all its attributes.

Boat and Snorkel Tours

If you love the ocean and if you love swimming, you will love the boat and snorkel tours on The Big Island. The tours mainly run out of Kona on the West side of the island, due to its calmer waters and warmer climate. There are a variety of tours to choose from that are available for all different levels of experience. Even if you have never snorkeled before, tour guides are trained to help and keep you safe in the water. This is the best way to experience the mysteries that lie below the water’s surface surrounding The Big Island. You will see tropical fish only native to the Hawaiian islands, as well as beautifully created coral reefs that house many of these exotic fish. Many of these snorkeling spots are in preservation areas to ensure that the fish populations do not decrease.

Lava Viewing Boat Tours

Lava viewing boat tours is the only means of viewing the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from a different perspective. The boat tours will take you right up to where the lava from Kilauea Volcano’s Haleamaumau Crater is flowing into the Pacific Ocean. You will hear the rumbling that resembles a thunder storm and the crackling as the lava cools and hardens as it nears its entry to the ocean. You will also view areas of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that is not accessible by foot, as it is too dangerous and too hot. The lava viewing boat tours take you right to where the action is the most magnificent and where it ends as it creates new land to The Big Island. This tour is not recommended if you have health related issues, especially those related to your respiratory system.

Submarine Tours

Submarine tours are held on the West side of the island in Kona. This type of tour is great for those who do not swim or who do not feel comfortable snorkeling or scuba diving, but still want to experience the underworld that surrounds part of The Big Island’s coastline. The submarine tours provide limited seating and air conditioning for your comfort during the entire tour. You will be able to see the tropical fish of the island and maybe even some sea turtles as you cruise along the Kona Coast. You can even make an entire day out of this tour by also attending one of the nightly Hawaiian luaus held at hotels along the Kona Coast. It’s a nice way to experience the beauty of the ocean as well as the culture of Hawaii in one day in a very relaxing manner. This tour is great for all ages.

Whale Watches

The humpback whales travel from the gulf of Alaska to the Hawaiian islands in the months from December to April or early May. There are boat tours that will take you to the exact places where the humpback whales come to breed and give birth in waters no more than 600 feet deep. The whales come close enough to the boat that you will have the feeling like you could reach out and touch them. At no time do the tours get too close to the whales to cause them injury, but do get close enough to give you an up close and personal view of the humpback whales. Every precaution is taken for a safe and exciting trip. There are also some whale watching tours that occur year round, where you can become acquainted with whales that are native to the Hawaiian islands. There are many different breeds of whales that live solely in the waters outside the Hawaiian islands that never migrate.


Chartered fishing tours are offered on the West side of the island. You are able to charter a fishing boat for a half or full day adventure, either with other customers or as a private charter. You will be taken to the fishing places that are known for providing the best catches of Hawaiian fish. Some tours will allow you to keep what you catch and even safely pack it and send it back to your home town. Fishing is an exciting sport, and also a relaxing way to spend time on the open ocean under the clear blue skies on the West side of the island. You don’t need to bring any gear with you, as the tour company will provide everything you need. All you need is sun protection, snacks, and your own beverages. Each tour comes with a captain and your own private fishing crew to help you throughout the fishing tour and keep you safe.

Horseback Riding Tours

The Big Island is home to large ranch lands that now have become open to the public with horseback riding tours. By riding horseback, you can experience the life of a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy), while at the same time taking in the panoramic views of the volcanoes, mountains, and coastlines. Beauty surrounds you on a horseback riding tour and takes you back in time when life was simple. The tour travels through vast amounts of land where you will just hear the sounds of nature. There are also tours that will take you through some ancient trails once used by Native Hawaiians, traveling by horse from the high elevations down to the sea for a nice swim. Many tours are open to beginner riders or those who have never rode a horse before. There is an age and weight limit, so it is best to check this before making your reservations.

Kayak Tours

Kayak tours are great for the water adventure personalities. Paddling a kayak through the waters of The Big Island is a relaxing way to take in the beauty of the island from the outside. You will see enormous sea cliffs, lava caves, and come up close to spinner dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, and even humpback whales during their migration season. You don’t have to be an experienced paddler to enjoy the kayak tours. Your tour guide will explain all the safety issues with you and talk about the basics in paddling a kayak. You will always be with a tour guide that is trained in water safety, and who is also able to give you a Native Hawaiian history lesson at the same time as you view historical sites from the ocean. Many kayak tours also include snorkeling time so you can rest, take a swim, and view the tropical fish that only reside in the Hawaiian islands.

Zipline Tours

New to the attractions on The Big Island are the zipline tours that began the road for practicing ecotourism on the island. Ecotourism allows visitors and islanders to view The Big Island in an entirely new and unique perspective without any chances of destroying the natural beauty that has remained untouched for so many years. You will zip above valleys, gulches, rivers, waterfalls, and forests for an up close view of the wonders of nature that exist on The Big Island. What you will see is unique only to The Big Island and is a great tour if you want to have fun and are adventurous. There is a weight requirement for the tours and a dress code for your safety only as you will be traveling hundreds of feet above some of the most dangerous terrain that can’t be accessed by vehicle or by foot.