Big Island Lava Viewing Boat Tours

Special boat tours are available to take you directly to the exit point of Kilauea Volcano’s powerful lava flow. The Kilauea Volcano on The Big Island has been erupting since 1983 directing its lava flow through various areas in the Puna district. There is no other tour available that will take you as close as you can be to the lava flows without risk of serious injury or even death. The intensity of the lava flows – its power and heat are nothing to take for granted.

Lava viewing boat tours take you up close and personal to one of the most powerful natural wonders in the world. The lava from Kilauea Volcano starts from its summit at the Haleamaumau Crater, which can be seen by entering The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is just the beginning and the source of where the lava erupts and begins its journey to the sea. What you are unable to see from this view at the crater is where the lava empties into the Pacific Ocean creating a breathtaking change to the geographical region in the Puna area adding more and more land to The Big Island each day.

You will be able to see lava coming from different directions rolling into the Pacific Ocean, as well as some astonishing lava falls entering the ocean from high solid lava cliffs similar to waterfalls. You will hear the roar of the lava, the explosions, and the rumbling of its power. You will also be able to view the beauty that it has created, such as isolated black sand beaches that have yet to be touched by human hands. What you will see is just pure beauty in its most natural form, which can’t be seen like this in any other place around the world.

The seas can be rough at times, so if you are prone to being sea sick, this may not be the tour for you. In preparation for your adventure you want to ensure you wear pants, a light shirt, a light jacket, and a rain jacket or poncho as there is a chance of becoming wet as the tour boat skims the beautiful Pacific Ocean. All tours are guided by the captain who is highly trained in providing you with a safe and exciting, once in a lifetime experience. It is not every day that people can view lava from such a close distance.

Lava Oceans Adventures

Lava Oceans Adventures offers a variety of boat tours to suit your needs. For safety reasons, it is asked that only children four years of age and older be allowed on this tour accompanied by an adult. The maximum amount of people allowed on any tour is 24. The tours are also not recommended for anyone suffering from recent bodily injuries, obesity, back pains or injury, neck pain or injury, and/or joint pain. The reason is the boat rides may travel through rough waters at times where it may be unpredictable. One of its most popular tours is the Lava Boat/Volcano Tours, which includes a seasonal sunrise cruise, daytime cruise, a year round sunset cruise, and a twilight departure. All tours range between two to three hours. The tour centers on the southeast side of The Big Island along the coastline. You will view the old lava flows and its destruction and creations, as well as the powerful current lava flows. From the ocean you will see a magnificent volcanic terrain of old and new lava flows created by Kilauea Volcano. On all tours you want to ensure you bring plastic bags to protect your electronics, as well as a waterproof jacket or raincoat to protect your clothing and keep you dry. The Volcano Boat Tours focuses more on the lands of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and operates all year round. The tour takes you on a first class view of the hidden coastline of the park’s property that can only be viewed at sea level. This tour is about two hours, including an educational historic tour of old lava flows along the Puna Coast and its destruction of the Kalapana area. Other tours are also offered to view the lava and take in some scuba diving or snorkeling to view old lava formations under the sea as well as the marine life in the area to add more to your adventure. This is for any level scuba diver or snorkeler, as all swims are guided. This gives you a double adventure where you can swim alongside dolphins, sea turtles, and other tropical fish of the island.

Lava Roys Ocean Adventure Tours

Lava Roys Ocean Adventure Tours is most famous for its sunset lava boat cruise to have a front row seat to view the lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean along the Puna Coast. As the sun goes down, the orange colors of the fast flowing lava glows in the dark creating a scene that can’t be duplicated. The tour leaves from the Waikoloa area on the South Kohala Coast, which is on the west side of the island. The ocean adventure takes 40 minutes each way in travel time. The actual time spent viewing the lava depends on the activity at the time, as well as the intensity of the sulpher admissions that are not good for those with respiratory problems. You will view the diverse geography of the old lava flows and its new creations of beaches and lava caves adding more land to The Big Island. You will be in safe hands with an experienced captain who will take you up close and personal to one of nature’s most intriguing fury. There is no other way to experience the power of lava on The Big Island than by taking a boat cruise to right where it flows off the island and into the deep Pacific Ocean.