Big Island Helicopter Tours

Experiencing the true beauty of The Big Island can be seen on a personal helicopter tour that takes visitors on a journey that is so unique and wondrous it will take anyone’s breath away. It is an experience like no other. There is no other means to view areas of the island than by helicopter. A helicopter is able to take you to places that are inaccessible by foot or vehicle and that has remained untouched by time. The way the ancient Native Hawaiians saw their land hundreds of years ago is the same way you will see it on a helicopter tour.

Helicopters are able to maneuver in and out of small areas giving you the direct and up close views of The Big Island’s natural hidden secrets. You will come close to the beautiful rivers that lead to the majestic waterfalls cascading down high cliffs. You will view the mountains and volcanoes of The Big Island that can’t be seen on any other island. The Big Island is a world of wonder.

By choosing to take a helicopter tour, you will have the opportunity to obtain original pictures of the island that can’t be duplicated. Some tours offer you the choice of flying without the doors to the helicopter giving you first hand crystal clear views of the island and its beautiful scents of clear air and sea breezes. You will be able to feel the heat from the volcano as well as the mist from the waterfalls that adorn the island.

The helicopter tour can take you to isolated areas of tropical rainforests and valleys to allow you to experience the various climates that the entire island holds. No other place in the world is like The Big Island. Helicopters are able to hover in one location, also giving you a lasting view to take in the miracles of the island. Not to mention you will have the best photos of your vacation to Hawaii. The tours are affordable and meet any budget allowing the entire family to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers three different tours of The Big Island. Its Circle of Fire Plus Waterfall Tour is approximately 50 minutes long, departing from the far left side of the Hilo International Airport. This tour will take you on a close-up view of the active Kilauea Volcano from the origin of its lava flow, tracking it all the way to its entrance in the Pacific Ocean. You will tour tropical forests and waterfalls in remote locations. The pilot will also give you a brief history on the islands and the Native Hawaiian culture. The Kohala Coast Adventure is also a 50 minute tour departing from Waikoloa. You will tour tropical forests, waterfalls, and valleys of the Kohala Mountains. On your return you will get a panoramic view of the beautiful white sandy beaches along the Kohala Coast. The Big Island Spectacular Tour is a full two hour tour of the entire island. This tour departs from Waikoloa, where you will see the beauty of the entire Hamakua Coast, the volcano, tropical forests, mountains, and valleys as you circle the entire island. For an additional charge, a DVD is made of your personal tour so you will be able to relive this unique moment at any time. Reservations must be made in advance.

Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters is known for having the option of flying without its doors. Each tour uses a different helicopter that can sit from four to six people comfortably. It has two daily tours that are designed especially for you and what you would like to experience on The Big Island. The Doors Off with Waterfalls tour departs from Hilo for an approximately 45 minute tour of the volcano, rainforests, mountains, and mac nut farms. Two-way communication is available with the pilot to allow you the opportunity to learn more about the mysteries of The Big Island. This tour is only for those 10 years of age and older. Paradise Helicopter’s second tour is The Hawaii Experience. This tour departs form the Kona International Airport. You will fly over the volcano, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, coastlines, sea cliffs, and white and black sand beaches experiencing all the different climates that can only be felt on The Big Island. The entire tour is approximately two hours, which is narrated every step of the way so you can learn more about the history of The Big Island and what makes it unique. It is recommended that you wear dark clothing on this tour for perfect picture taking, as light colored clothes can cause a reflection in the window giving you a blurred picture. As this is a six passenger helicopter, not all seats are direct window seats, but you will still be able to view the island completely. All tours require prior reservations.

Safari Helicopter Tours

Safari Helicopter Tours are best known for its fabulous tours of Kilauea Volcano. Its Volcano Safari Tour departs from the Hilo International Airport and requires prior reservations. On its way to the active Kilauea volcano, you will see the beauty of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, which are also volcanos.  This entire tour is approximately 45 minutes as you sit in the comfort of an air conditioned cabin. The cabin is also sound proof with all headsets equipped with noise reduction capabilities. There is lots of leg room and space for a comfortable tour. The Deluxe Volcano and Coastline Tour includes the Kilauea Volcano tour, as well as the hidden greenery of The Big Island’s tropical forests, deep valleys, and cascading waterfalls. The tour will take you on a view of the entire Hilo coastline as well as the popular Bay Front area in downtown Hilo. This tour is approximately 55 minutes. Both tours include a recorded video of your personal tour, which you can purchase at an additional charge.

Sunshine Helicopter Tours

Sunshine Helicopter Tours offers its customers two very different tour options of The Big Island. The first tour is the Volcano Deluxe, which is almost a two hour flight. Departing from the Hapuna area in South Kohala, you will fly to Kilauea Volcano and experience the active volcano’s lava flows from its source to its entry into the sea as it creates new land. You will also view old lava flows and see both its destruction of a town and its creations of new black sand beaches. You will tour the Kohala mountains and valleys, as well as the waterfalls and valleys along the Hamakua Coast. The second tour offered is the Kohala/Hamakua Coast helicopter flight that is approximately 40 minutes. It also departs from Hapuna and takes you on views of the Hamakua Coastline and Kohala mountains. You will see lush green valleys, waterfalls, steep sea cliffs, and tropical forests. Prior reservations are required for both tours.

Tropical Helicopters

Tropical Helicopters offers you extreme comfort and a smooth ride with minimal vibration. There is enough room for six passengers in the larger helicopter with everyone having leg room and the ability to see the fabulous views of The Big Island. There is also a choice to go on a more private and intimate tour with a smaller helicopter, guaranteeing window seat viewing. The windows on this helicopter slide open so you can take clear photos of the natural wonders of The Big Island. They have two tours available. The Hilo Adventure tour departs from Hilo International Airport and takes a little less than one hour. It includes either the Volcano Adventure or Volcano and Falls Adventure tour. Both tours are approximately 40 minutes and include a spectacular, up close view of the powerful Kilauea Volcano. The Volcano and Falls Adventure tour includes a flight following the Wailuku River to Rainbow Falls located in the heart of Hilo. The Kona Adventures tour that departs from the Kona International Airport is called The Big Island Experience. It is between one and two hours long. It includes a tour of Kilauea Volcano’s continuous eruption and strong lava flows that have its own current, the island’s mac nut farms, Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and the Hamakua Coastline with all its valleys, sea cliffs, and waterfalls. If you are traveling between the months of December and April you may even be lucky enough to see whales from a close and safe distance. Reservations are required to ensure your spot on a helicopter tour. Both tours run daily.