Big Island Fishing Charters

The Big Island is home to some of Hawaii’s great fishing locations. With a small population and vast ocean, the waters outside The Big Island provide local residents with fresh food, as well as income, and provide visitors the opportunity to relax in the Pacific Ocean while partaking in the sport of fishing and also enjoying some fresh fish local to Hawaii.

Although fishing is practiced around the entire island as a Native Hawaiian custom, the calm, blue waters found in Kona on the West side of The Big Island are the most preferred for fishing. The waters on this side of the island are generally calm with very gentle trade winds resting under crystal clear blue skies, making it an ideal environment for a day on the ocean fishing. Whether you are fishing just for fun by practicing tagging and releasing of fish you catch, mounting your prized fish, or even eating some of your fresh catch for the night’s dinner, chartering a fishing trip in Kona is a great way to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are deciding on taking a fishing charter, it is best that you plan this trip at least a full day in advance so that a boat of your liking can be reserved, as well as a captain and crew. You have the option of sharing a charter with others or having a private charter with your family and friends. The choice is completely up to you and in what you prefer. All charters do require that you bring your own food and beverages; however, in Hawaii, it is said to never bring bananas on a fishing trip as it is considered bad luck and not accepted by the locals of the island when going on a fishing trip.

You will not need a fishing license in Hawaii when you decide to take a fishing charter. The charter company already holds a company fishing license that covers your day’s trip. All you need to do is come prepared with your hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, food and drink supplies, a smile, and a positive attitude to just have a day of relaxing fun on the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the most popular species of fish that you may come in contact with on your charter include ono, ahi, mahi mahi, blue marlin, striped marlin, broadbill swordfish, albacore, shortnose spearfish, and shark.

Charter Services Hawaii

Charter Services Hawaii is located in Kona. All their chartered boats depart from the Honokohau Harbor that is approximately 10 minutes outside of the town of Kailua-Kona. This charter is run personally by Ed and Audrey Barry, where they bring a personal touch to the services they provide to you for a day of fishing on the waters off the Kona Coast. All their boats are cleaned and inspected daily, so you know you are guaranteed a boat that is ready for a day on the Pacific Ocean. A variety of boats are available for you to choose from depending on your personal expectations. There are 10 boats to choose from, ranging in size from 38 feet to 54 feet. All boats are chartered with a captain and crew to assist you on your relaxing day at sea. Private charters are also available upon request and are able to accommodate up to six people. Charter Services Hawaii offers fish mounting services if you desire. All you need to do is let one of the crew members know your intentions. If you wish to keep some of your catch made during the day, Charter Services Hawaii is able to help prepare and pack your fish for shipment back to your home. The practice of tagging and releasing fish is also acknowledged by the crew of your charter.

Charter Desk at Honokohau Marina

Located in Kona at the Honokohau Marina, Charter Desk owns and operates more than 60 boats ranging in size from 30 feet to 53 feet. They are located above the weigh scales at the marina, which allows Charter Desk to routinely monitor the daily catches and what size boats caught those catches so they are better able to pick the right boat for you. They will also discuss your desires for a day of fishing and custom a boat, captain, and crew for you. All captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard for your safety. In addition, all of the boats are insured by Charter Desk. Prices for a charter can range from $450 for a half day of fishing (four hours) up to $3,500 for a full day of fishing (eight hours). Tagging and releasing of fish is allowed, as long as you communicate that to the captain and crew. Any large fish that you may catch on your fishing trip will be sold for a profit that goes to the boat’s captain and crew members. You may keep smaller fish that you catch that you are planning to eat during your stay on The Big Island. If you wish to mount a fish that you have caught, that can be arranged by communicating that to your crew members.